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We’d get a request about how much the ministry spent on school kits, for example, then prepare an Excel file and send it to the journalist.Now, they manage to do it alone, using the portal.” Vázquez said.Pane describes this using the analogy of a cake.“Open data is information that I can easily access, use and process.They are like ingredients that can be used to do other things.Juan Cálcena Ramírez, a journalist at the newspaper ABC Color who worked on the Panama Papers exposé, said the value of open data, such as procurement data, is that it opens the door to doing more investigations.“As journalists, what we are looking for in open data is to find projects that are poorly implemented or waste public money,” he said.“Another thing it led to was the availability of an official, relatively reliable source for the media to refer to.”The power of open data is also that different data sets can be connected to draw meaningful insights.create website how can i make a website for free how to create web how can i make a website for free how to make our website.date for free uk what to do in phuket create personal website: online website design free ...

“The difference with the open data is that any citizen, supplier, or start-up can develop their own system using it.”Hackathons have been a cradle for developing public tools that draw on the data for practical uses.“We want to generate added value to what has already been released; to identify needs that can be solved with this data,” explains Gabriela Gaona, who led the team that developed an Android and i Phone app that uses open data in real time.Students delivered the same goods mentioned in the contract to the institution, bought at the supermarket for a fraction of the price.The DNCP noticed a rapid rise in news articles about public purchases after visiting media organizations and teaching them how to use the new open contracting portal.blonde russian men, make websites for free create your own site how can i design my own website ...websites to make sweedish girl, easy website design start my own website free how to create a website for free, how i make website catholic singles dating sites reviews.

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