3456 webcam

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**The Quantum Efficiency value is for the unmodified Canon.The software used to capture the video was Sharp Cap 2.5 and Fire Capture 2.4 (more stable than Sharp Cap and more features, but more complex interface), while the stacking and sharpening was done in Registax 6 with a final pass on Photoshop.The fact that it is only at 7.5 fps limits it quite a bit though – in the above example I was limited to 2 minutes in an attempt to level the playing field, which gives less than 1000 frames, or 4 times less than a 30 fps camera.For Saturn you could continue capturing, but for a target like the quickly-rotating Jupiter the slow frame rate is quite a negative.The Xbox Vision does not seem better than the Logitech in the 640×480 mode, although it did pick up more reddish rather than bluish color which seems more natural for Saturn.

In regular video mode, the sensor is severely downscaled (usually to up to HD 1920×1080), so the planet ends up being just a few dozen pixels across in that video image.You can actually do some planetary imaging with any relatively modern webcam you might have.In fact, on the left is an image produced by a small Chinese webcam and a relatively inexpensive Celestron 127mm Maksutov. In any case you will get better results using a better camera, preferably with a CCD sensor instead of the much more common CMOS.Initially I thought one long night would be enough for the comparison, but that first night was very windy, the next had very unsteady atmosphere and so the best images were gotten on the third night.However the experience from the first couple of nights is useful as an indication of what each camera can do on less ideal conditions where for example shorter exposures can make a difference.

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