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The Empire Builder westbound arrives in the evening, the Eastbound train arrives in the morning, daily at the three stations serving the park.

Travelers should arrange accommodations and/or waiting time accordingly.

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The park offers many opportunities to see wildlife, and its ecosystems are almost unchanged from what they were at the time of Lewis and Clark.

A full-service Amtrak terminal (and one of their busiest) is available at Whitefish, west of West Glacier, and north of Kalispell.

The station at East Glacier is also staffed May 1-October 1.

According to the National Park Service, 2003 was one of Glacier's hottest years on record, and large areas of the park were shut down as 144,000 acres burned.

[4] In recent years, the park has become an important case study for climate scientists studying climate change.

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