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She even tells her friend and her family not to tell her mother her plans. Avery is not only naive but extremely immature if she thinks the situation is no big deal.

I guess she will grow up when she truly sees everything that glitters isn’t gold. The train wreck we all know as Darcey Silva is back to find love WITH ANOTHER GUY.

He is sending ,000 to the Ukraine rather than just buying Maria’s plane ticket himself.

It doesn’t take a genius to know how this will turn out. This woman is a classic scammer, she twists the situation and makes him feel bad that he even expects to make good on her promise. At 18 years old, Avery decided to leave her Christian faith and become Muslim.

This season, we will witness five new relationships and the continuation of two previous train wrecks.

90 Day Fiancé Before The 90 Days is back with a vengeance!

Caesar begs his boss to float him a loan for his vacation in Mexico.

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Her mother believes that Avery will be returning to the US. This is exactly why I wouldn’t have supported the relationship emotionally or financially.Her daughter is not happy with her mother considering her last foreign love story was a disaster. Rebecca will reveal a secret to Zied when they meet, that could jeopardize their relationship. Her boyfriend, Zied has no idea that she is still technically married and is just now filing her paperwork for a divorce.I can’t wait until Zied finally sees her and realizes how heavily filtered those videos and photos were. Rebecca breaks out the old ring light to video call Zied. This is really bad because in Zied’s culture, a relationship with a married woman is strictly forbidden. Maybe you should have given him a choice rather than make him break a rule in his culture unknowingly. Although, Rebecca has filed papers nothing will be official until after she returns to her trip.Now, Darcey if you get on this show act a fool all over again there will be no doubt that you are insane.Hopefully, this new guy is nothing like controlling lollipop head Jesse.

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