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A retardation test as the child grows can give the parents an idea of how their child compares to normal children.

This will help doctors and parents alike identify a course of action and how to make the child comfortable in every day life.

Women and men with Cri Du Chat may be able to conceive normally, but chances of that happening are quite slim.

Menstruation may be difficult for adolescent girls when suffering from Cri Du Chat.

Webbing of fingers and toes are visible, as well as skin tags.

Separated abdominal muscles and abnormally folded ears are also what physical exams may show.

As the child grows some symptoms and signs may lessen, others may become more severe.

This syndrome is very rare and doesn’t appear very often.

Babies in less developed countries may have this syndrome without knowing, so there is a small chance more individuals have Cri Du Chat Syndrome.

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