Age range for dating

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Now we have settled in and things just seem dull and listless. Nor do I deny that casually dating and hooking-up with younger guys can be frothy and fun for both.He is quickly loosing interest in my AARP magazine subscription and I can't understand his need for a new i Pad or all those video games. It was much more enchanting when we were not cohabitating. Also, I should note that I interpreted "dating" in OP's original question to mean "dating with an eye toward long(er)-term relationship" not tricking or quick hook-up. I would not say that a December/May relationship is impossible, merely improbably.R44, if you are hot and ever reach your 40s you won't have to target younger men - they throw themselves at you. I did the math and pictured his mother handing a newborn to me when I was a senior in high school.Maybe some men in their 40s "target" 20 y.o.s but a lot of us don't have to. I can be attracted to older men - who take care of themselves - but I can't be with someone who is insecure because of their age. "Oh the things you are going to do to this little baby."I kind of hustled him out of there. The clerk and I got into a conversation about movies to rent and I made the comment that the last really good movie I saw was "Brokeback Mountain." This seemed to loosen him up, so to speak, and we began a conversation about gay films. The clerk told me to look in the DVD box when I got out of the store. Right now I have a massive crush on a guy that I met at pride who is in his early 60s. I'm 28 and I only date people within 5 years of my own age. In the box was his name, address and cell phone number. When I was in my early 20's, I had a thing for older guys (10 years older), but after awhile, I realized that I'd rather be with men closer to my own age.

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I'm 43 and about five years ago I dated a college freshman for about 2 years. Last night I had a date with a college senior(ish) that turned into a sleep over and now I'm reconsidering. The delusional queens who are 50 or 45 who think they look 30 - honey, you don't.

I don't have much interest in them anyway - there are exceptions, I'm sure, but on the whole they lack maturity and sexual experience. I'm in my forties, currently sought out by and dating a 21 year old. I thought he meant he had been in recovery or something. He later became a drag performer lip synching to soprano arias. If I had to pick some arbitrary numbers for dating, I'd probably go with 35 - 55. I've always had a thing for older guys, even as a teenager.

To the poster who thinks men look their best between 18 and 25 - get a clue, mate. He's cute, hot little body and fun to be with, but damn, the sex doesn't flow.

Fight it as much as you want and wear your A&F ensembles until the cows come home - the only people who think you're 30 are: a) other delusional queens who themselves want to believe that someone who looks as bad as you can be mistaken for younger; b) clueless younger guys whose minds are barely capable of generating enough power to keep them alive.2.

The older guys who target guys in their 20s - then complain about how ageist the gays are.3.

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