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Cobham released on Aug/2016 the SB APE5200-31-04 to fix the software to prevent the bug on CHR and Elapse time (incoherent display) occurring during the month of February for the aforementioned years.

The Elapsed Time and Chronometer erratic display do not cause unreliable data on UTC time and date, and neither on the encoded output used by other aircraft systems The verified phenomena are not present in the Internal (“INT”) mode of the digital clock.

The erratic display will not come into view from March 1st to the end of these years.

However, GPS core navigation messages and clock were not affected, the statement said, and added that the issue had been fixed.

“While the software issue is still resident in the ground system, 2nd Space Operations Squadron has implemented procedures to ensure it does not reoccur,” the USAF added.

Recently, around 3 february 2016, many digital clocks in a particular aircraft, in this case Embraer E190’s, experienced lots of digital clock errors showing weird characters, fast running time (double the speed) and various other errors.

The strange thing is that all these clocks were showing the problems at or around the same date, .

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