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Boost it and we quickly forget that we are just men looking for a partner – we become these Adonis types that can do any wrong and are irresistible according to these women..

But there lies the problem – most things I have read about this site talk about women – if you spend your time there you will find that you are talking to multiple people taking charge of one womans profile and some of these people typing to you are men…

Hi People, Yes it takes a while to work it out because most of us like to think we are irresistible or we go into the site because we are legitimately lonely looking for a partner OR we go in genuinely to do the right thing then we re instantly inundated by beautiful women saying nice things. This site Anastasia Date has been around for a long time because it knows the way to a mans heart – their ego..

We forget so quickly about our dream and start living theirs…

You do have the option to write the women, but it is much more exciting to have the women pick you.

Foreign Women This site is a lot easier and simpler to use than most Russian sites.

This is one of the only sites we have seen that requires the women to come in to their offices to apply, assuring that the women are real. Foreign Ladies: A new service but seems already to have a great reputation and the company provides excellent customer service.

While most sites charge per letter, here you have unlimited communications for one low price. European Connections: Probably the first Russian Bride Company in the world, they provide good value for the money.

After a while it is pretty easy to discern whether you are talking to a man or a woman…With that if she switches on her cam you will (if you watch) – because normally you are too busy typing to see that they are just sitting in their booth in front of a cam and someone else is typing …This place is a scam – but it is also something else – I have been able to give my email to a few of them and they have contacted me straight away on my email address but soon after they disappear off the site all together.- big no no for the girls – the biggest problem for these girls is if they genuinely like someone and they want to take it further – they cant…….

And yes all I did was simply type my email address in the chat – most will say they see dots……NOT TRUE – they see exactly what you type because one of the girls told me on my email before she disappeared…..

They have over 40 million members which include a lot of fake profiles from other agencies, prostitutes, and sex sites.

If you can weed these out, you can meet lots of interesting people.

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