Anime speed dating

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Best of luck if you decide to take professional 3D printing up!

Our second panel was the online voice acting panel.

It was an absolute pleasure to deal with the staff there and we hope to grow our relationship with them.

If people had props handy, they were free to act out the capture of an enemy piece on the condition that no contact was made in order to avoid hurting people.

A strong showing was made by English songs, with tracks from The Lonely Planet appearing twice, however one video dared to have various clips set to a Chinese song instead.

Three such entries are presented below: Saturday was the real meat of the convention, and it was clear right off the bat — attendance by convention-goers seemed to double compared to Friday.

Black ended up winning that game by promoting a pawn and White surrendering in response.

Finally, it was time for our highlight of the day at 6: Not actually participate with that tardiness, which would also be rude!

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