Array asp dynamically in updating

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when the user chooses a value from one, I need to go to the db and execute a query, and then populate the 2nd pull down menu with the retrieved would I go about this?

where do I add the listener function that will catch the selection event, and what should go in it?

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update my array so that next time I run the algorithm, it would take the changes into consideration).For example, I want to change the desc value of jquery-ui. Additionally, is there a faster way to get the data?I mean give the object a name to fetch its data, just like the object inside an array?This is what it looks like: var publication Table = [ [31422,"Abilene Reporter News","Abilene","TX",false,"D",0], [313844,"Acadiana Weekly","Opelousas","LA",false,"W",1], [527825,"Action Advertiser","Fond du Lac","WI",false,"W",2]...n] I want to generate this array server side and register it.I have looked at the msdn but this is a little trivial.

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