Asp net calendar not updating

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I have even deleted all OLD media files of old downloads.It is March and the January calendar still coems up as the download, even though it doesn't even "exist" in the media portion of the umbraco site. Find Control("txt Notes"); ctl Times = (Text Box)e. Find Control("txt Times"); // get the connection Sql Connection conn = new Sql Connection(Configuration Settings. Update Command Dim str Start, str ID As String Dim cal Field As Calendar Dim txt Box As Text Box str ID = Trim(e. In any case, I changed the next/previous controls from literals to asp: Image Buttons, did their processing in their click event handlers, which occur after Page Load, and it suddenly worked.

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However, if I click on the next or previous buttons inside div Next Prev, it updates the grid inside pnl Grid correctly, but it does not update the literal control in div History.I've used divs with runat="server" before with success.Here is the code for everything: On the master page: inside pnl Grid is a user control that contains a Rad Grid.In, if I create a To-Do and add a Due Date, it is not adding an entry in Calendar. Both Calendar and To-Do are signed in using the same account. // Variables Text Box ctl Notes, ctl Times; Calendar ctl Cal Date; Drop Down List ctl Service Name; string str Appointment ID = dg Edit Appointments.

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