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The selected option would be populated when the user selects an option.Like this: Controller: As a side note, I would recommend naming your Validation Model after what the view that uses it is doing (e.g. Do you mean that your validation doesn't work in view? Models as soon as i press addbooks button it must show an error message ,that user must select subject from drop down list , please review my post/problem and let me know if you find any thing which needs to be explain further . i would highly appreciate if some one participate in problem . Thanks naseer and charlesdev fro you reply , I have updated my code as per your suggestion but still it is not working except it give tooltip/error if i did not select any subject when i click on submit button ,but it allows to go control on submit button me share updated code .

Now I came to place where I need to implement validation for drop-down list.

Homepage Model if your view is the entire homepage or Navigation Form Model if your view is just a partial view that contains a dropdown for navigation).

The List of the month are Already added In Databases.

I spent fair amount of time searching for validation in MVC.

But I dint get any result which suits to my problem.

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