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More live webcams in one room equal more fun for everyone.Consult the instruction manual that came with your webcam for specific instructions on how to correctly install your cam to your computer.All you need in order to access the Video Chat is the most current version of Macromedia Flash (this is a free software download).After you have downloaded flash you should have no problem joining the Video Chat.The contact form is the only official way to contact XXXBlack admin.Any mention of a 'code', 'key', 'key-code', 'membership ID' or 'membership ID number' is part of a FRAUDULENT SCAM used by CRIMINALS to obtain your credit card or other financial information, or to obtain your XXXBlack account to perpetuate this type of FRAUD.There is also a possibility that you are behind a firewall device that might be preventing a proper video and/or chat signal with the servers. by clicking and holding for about a second You will be required to purchase an Upgraded Membership in order to use our Video Chat feature.

If anyone asks for any personal or financial information or if anyone contacts you pretending to work for XXXBlack, please cease communication with the member and report them immediately.

The descriptor is usually the name, website, or phone number of the billing processor (depending on which biller you signed up through). The only correspondence you will receive from us will go to the email address you have registered on the site.

You can access our billing support page by clicking on the red link labeled Billing Support on the bottom right of any page in our website.

It is also possible that our billing provider has received charge backs or fraudulent subscriptions from other members of your bank or the credit card number you supplied and has ceased doing business with them.

If you continue to have problems try choosing one of the alternative payment options by clicking on the "Alternate Payment Options" link on the upgrade page.

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