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With his new novel, Whitehead once more delves into the past; Elwood and Turner are students at a reform school that is more abusive than constructive, based on a real institution in Florida. Here, she points out where it's falling short, and some ways it could be so, so much better., follows a woman set on contributing to her community after leaving her marriage; Maddie takes a job at a local newspaper and delves deeply into the mystery of a young black woman whose body is discovered in the lake fountain.Sometimes it seems like the internet is a seething brew of ugliness and misery.

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Amanda Lee Koe's novel looks at Anna May Wong, the only other Asian woman accorded this honor, and her companions as captured in one unlikely photograph: Marlene Dietrich and Leni Stephanie Danler: "I know these women; I am these women." Obviously, that won't ring true for everyone—we're not all liable to beeline for New York City after breaking up with a fiancé like protagonist Geraldine, but we've all been disappointed by our crappy lives and lusted after others' brighter-looking ones, haven't we?critic treats the '90s teen vampire show with the same thoughtfulness, curiosity, and excitement as she would an award-baiting prestige series, and her readers think about TV differently because of it.Ava Du Vernay has called Dapper Dan "a legend, an icon, a beacon of inspiration to many in the Black community." The pioneering designer tells his story in this memoir, displaying all the vim, irreverence, and ingeniousness he's plied to become as beloved as he is now.If you guzzled all of Esther Perel's couples counselling podcast or wonder whether those sex diaries can possibly be real, here's your summer read.

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