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If there is an emergency, most of the other documents required can be filed within 15 days after the petition was filed.

An involuntary case can be started by creditors in very limited situations.

The Nellor Law Office provides legal services to debtors and creditors in chapter 7 bankeruptcy cases and proceedings.

A general summary of chapter 7 can be found elswhere on this website.

Some persons are not eligible for a chapter 7 discharge.

A debtor is not eligible if the court finds: The court will mail a written discharge order to you and to all creditors.

The following is a list of common questions about chapter 7 bankruptcy cases together with answers to those questions. It is intended to provide a basic overview of chapter 7 bankruptcy relief.

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If property is exempt and if it is not collateral for a debt, a debtor may keep it after the chapter 7 case. This means the creditor is entitled to be paid, or is entitled to receive the property that is subject to the lien.

Almost any person that resides, does business, or has property located, in the United States can file for chapter 7 relief.

The only exception—persons who were involved in another bankruptcy case that was dismissed because the debtor did not follow court orders during the preceding 180 days. A husband and wife may file a joint petition and pay only one filing fee. A financial counselor, credit agency, or debt–consolidation service, has no legal right to prohibit anyone from filing for chapter 7 relief.

A voluntary chapter 7 case is started by filing a petition with the court clerk requesting relief under chapter 7.

A number of other documents must be filed with the petition.

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