Cnn pitfalls of online dating

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People evaluate potential dates via the online profiles, which may or may not accurately reflect the person behind the profile.

Recommendation: Read the article, How to Stay Safe When Meeting Someone From the Internet, by Lifehacker.

Below are some more articles to arm you as you go ahead on your online dating adventures.

I was looking at CNN and they had this article Pitfalls of Online Dating and it reminded me of an article I had written few years ago on

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But I didn’t realize that a very low percentage of people actually succeed with network marketing, nor the toll that all my “selling” would take on my friends and family.

And the few that might be interested would very likely not be interesting to these particular young women/men. On the other hand, just because you don’t have a great job or an independent living situation, doesn’t mean you can’t date. In reflecting on those rejections, part of the problem was my lack of social skills, as well as my low self-esteem and insecurity as who I was and where I was going in life.

Recommendations: Become the type of person that others will want to date. But the hard truth is that we’ll have many rejections on the way to finding a serious relationship.

Suggestions: Treat dating as an experiment in friendship, learning and personal growth. You can get to know someone by first becoming friends online in mutual interest forums. You can get to know someone over time, build up trust, and perhaps arrange to meet offline to get to know the person IRT (in real time).

Another Asperger adult suggests: Here are some other alternatives to online dating: Use Google to search for “social groups” or “social clubs” in your area.

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