Damian and hannah dating

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However, the Dark Knight does care for his lost progeny.becoming the fifth person to use the Robin persona.

He falls in love with Nightstar, the daughter of Dick Grayson and Starfire.In 2006, the character was reinterpreted as Damian Wayne by Grant Morrison, and introduced into the main continuity in Batman #655, the first issue of the "Batman and Son" story arc.Damian Wayne is the fifth character to assume the role of Robin, Batman's vigilante partner.#8, in which he is killed by the Heretic, an agent of his mother and his own artificially-aged clone. The child from Son of the Demon was used as a backup character in various stories before appearing as Damian Wayne.In the Elseworlds story, The Brotherhood of the Bat (1995), a version named Tallant Wayne appears, who crusades against his grandfather Ra's al Ghul.

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