Dating a bad kisser

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If you can’t imagine sucking face with a guy all the time, then why be with him? You can’t beat stress if the kisses are making you feel stressed, and that’s really no good. If you consider him a bad kisser because he stinks of cigarettes or has bad breath, why the heck would you want to try to make a relationship work with him?Clearly, the issue is more than just about bad kissing and you’re not compatible with his bad hygiene or lifestyle habits. There’s another benefit to kissing: it increases your oxytocin hormones that are responsible for making you feel closer and more intimate with someone. If he’s a bad kisser, you can’t help but wonder if he lacks dating experience.You leave the date wondering if it’s possible to ignore the bad kiss because he’s such a great guy, but the reality is you can’t and shouldn’t. You deserve to feel spine-tingling passion, as corny as that sounds. Yes, you really can tell how great he’ll be in bed based on his kiss because if there’s a massive connection or lots of chemistry during the kiss, you’ll tingle all over at the thought of what will happen in the bedroom.Besides, a guy who’s good with his tongue will please you in many wonderful ways. Those awkward kisses where you bump into each other or can’t seem to kiss comfortably can be down to first-date nerves, but honestly, sometimes they just point to how you don’t fit.A bad kiss is rarely a one-off, and you’ll see that if you try to kiss him again because you want to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Physical incompatibility doesn’t necessarily have to mean there’s no potential, but it’s better not to force it. Come on, admit it — after a bad kiss, you’ll be wondering what else will disappoint you about this guy.

For instance, the site says: "Everyone kisses differently.

maybe guys can feel hot for girls they don't like kissing? One thing I know for sure: Triple H was the worst kisser I've come across since my first high-school "boyfriend," Richard K. he was in Model United Nations and was friends with all the cool kids and had bright blue eyes and was brilliant ... And then we kissed, behind my friend Kathleen's house one night when she had people over. His tongue was like a serpent's, darting in and out of my mouth sinisterly. I've looked around a little, but--it comes as no surprise--there's not much surprising advice out there about how to get better.

The trick is reading her or his body language and adapting." The site also offers up some "" ...

What your last girlfriend or boyfriend enjoyed might be not be so well received with another one.

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