Dating a busy girl on work

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Not sure what I should say if she cancels on me again. Lots of work and home stuff going on (and even a bit of travel) but still try to squeeze in a convo with the bf every day even if it's just to say hi.

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I've been getting a lot of "maybes" and have to push her to try and reschedule when she says she can't do things.I hadn't seen my bf for almost two weeks :/ and texted him maybe four times in two days because I was really stressed. It doesn't mean I don't love him, I simply cannot make time for him when I'm exhausted or my business needs attention. She can't make firm plans simply because she's too busy.I hate making promises if I know there's a slight chance that I'll have to cancel later if I can't finish my work.If you want a relationship, then you need to find someone else because I don't think this girl can give that to you and you're going to end up very, very hurt if you continue down this path. I meant to bring it up on our last date but I lost my nerve.The last two times I saw her weren't "dates" and we didn't really have a good moment alone to talk.

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