Dating les paul guitars

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These Les Pauls are in my opinion among the bests ever produced in Japan.

The FLG 240 was a special order handbuild guitar with one piece body, one piece neck and solid flamed top, finished in nitro with Duncan 59 pickups and high quality nickel hardware.

I have never seen any of these early ones, but from the pictures they look like very accurate copies.

The first Les Paul standards are from 1975, and the ones that I have seen are not that great.

Registered trademarks/designs of the Gibson Guitar Corporation include, but are not limited to, Gibson, Orville, Les Paul, Flying V, Explorer, L-5, ES-335, ES-175, Firebird.

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The FLG-60 have 2 piece back, one piece neck, solid plain 2 piece top and Tokai pearl double ring tuners, and nice double white Gotoh PAF´s.

Off course there are the Tokai´s and Grecos´s, but when you compare features and prices, you will find, that you will get much more for your money when buying a Burny.

This is true from a player’s point of view, but it is not always true from a collector’s point of view.

In the 1978 catalogue you can still find a Burny FLG-60 with Les Paul script and with Burny and not Tokai features, so something happened in 1978, because there is, as far as I know, no 1979 catalogue, and the only Burny from 1979, I know of, is the Tokai made FLG-60 similar to a Tokai LS-60 “Reborn Old”.

They are similar in many ways except for the name on the headstock.

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