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The folder, which could be mailed as a unit, allowed the buyer to purchase more images for a lower price. The postcard folder craze arrived on the scene in the early 1920s and lasted into the 1960s.The paper stock used for postcard folders was often thinner than standard postcard stock. In the late 1940s and early 1950s, I purchased postcard folders as souvenirs of family vacations and visits to large cities. I found over half-a-dozen 1933-1934 Chicago Worlds Fair (Century of Progress) postcard folders.There also was a Talentsville Participant tie bar, again valued between .00 and 85.00 in mint condition.[Authors Request: Do you have memories of belonging to or attending a Coca-Cola Hi-Fi Club dance or event?Napco was initially a producer of decorative floral containers, but they soon began importing items like glassware, pottery, and ceramic items from Japan.

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Sponsorship was open to any group whose aim was to promote a positive teenage experience. Dances featured a DJ who received The Monthly Disc Jockey Package which contained an Around the World Hit Parade record, cuts to be used for contests, musical theme suggestions, popular records, and recorded interviews.There were five division finals with each winner receiving a 0 wardrobe, a trip to New York, and an audition with a record company. There are several lapel pin variations, including Club member and the Talentsville Participant pin.Given the number of individuals who participated in these clubs, the survival rate for Hi Fi Club memorabilia is high. Your Talentsville Participant lapel pin in near mint condition has a value between .00 and .00.[For more detail, see: Napcos products competed with the cheap Japanese imports of the 1950s and 1960s.The company survived by producing many of its products in Japan and acting as distributor in the United States.

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