Dating services in fort lauderdale florida

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Further, I absolutely cringe at the thought of human trafficking and forced prostitution, which is another reason I don’t frequent these joints, and another reason I chose to bring awareness to the scale this is possibly happening.

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I also decided that unless it was by happenstance, I wouldn’t go down any of the North and South streets that were in between these four major streets.(I will be doing a Miami version of this post, as well, so stay tuned for that as it’s in my backyard but it’s going to take a lot of time on the streets as Miami covers a lot of ground.)With all the news locally in South Florida about human trafficking lately, I wanted to see it, I wanted to know about it, and I wanted to know how rampant it was.I knew it was worse than I’d expected, but after dedicating proper time into really getting into this scene, even I was shocked!This post here is just a quick summary of KNOWN and SEEN places that may be involved in Fort Lauderdale.It’s out there, and I’m just re-stating the obvious and going somewhere that only private, paid forums like Rub Maps, have gone before.

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