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In relationships, many of us are passive listeners, waiting our turn to speak, rather than listening to what’s being said.

However, we can learn a lot from simply listening to your partner. And, while it might seem like a lot of work, it is no more work than any other relationship.

Since shy guys do not always like to open up or rather they have a hard time opening up, giving them options is a great way to learn more about them.

However, in this process it’s important to provide them with options that you would essentially appreciate too.

You have a right to your own thoughts and opinions.

However, there is a right way to respond to someone’s feelings and thoughts, and then there is an absolute wrong way.

Therefore, once you have proven that you can be trusted, he will begin to open up. The next thing you can do when dating a shy guy is listen.

Listen to everything he says, particularly because in the beginning a shy guy may not do too much talking.

He tends to be a loner, but that is only because he doesn’t possess the confidence his over-confident male counterpart possesses.

When dating a shy guy, it is important that you don’t do all of the work; otherwise you leave no room to meet your shy guy halfway. If you give more than what you are getting, you will resent him and perhaps lash out, thus not allowing your shy guy to come your way. The less he gives, you give, but not as much as you would give when he is giving. It’s about learning to speak someone’s love language.

On the other hand if you act too lax he might perceive you as uninterested. You would have to do the same amount of work if you were dating an over-zealous guy.

Thus, don’t forget to let your humor, which you have already used on the online dating site, also play in real life.

Create contact In fact, many women think it’s good for the man to take the lead when it comes to flirting. That may sound a bit intrusive at first, however, it is the only way to clearly show your intentions – and to show interest to the woman at your side. Or gently stroke her shoulder when you’re laughing together. This is the basic rule: There should never be any pressure during online dating! With the above tips you will surely spend a wonderful time with your dream woman.

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