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It’s not always that bad though and Love and Relationship expert Bernard Mendez tries to give women tips on how to survive this thing called online dating without losing all hope in humanity.This is simple, as a woman looking for that potential guy, you need to have many other ways to connect with guys and not just rely on meeting them online.

The eyes cannot help looking at something bright and smiley and the eyes also cannot be bothered to look at something that is the opposite of bright and smiley. A happy picture, a picture that lets your personality shine through.In that spirit, I spoke to two matchmakers at Los Angeles-based personalized matchmaking company Three Day Rule.Below, get seven of their best tips for weeding out incompatible prospects and finding someone who’s likely to be a real match.90% of the stuff you are going to find online is mostly pure crap.You will find guys who just want to have sex with you or you might meet plain super losers.

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