Divorced catholic dating site

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“A lot of my friends had been married and divorced,” Newman says.

Newman said she hadn’t done much online dating before checking out Catholic Last year, online dating was the third-largest producer of revenue among pay-for-content sites, according to Forester Research Inc.The generalist online dating sites and e each have about 20 million subscribers and continue to add thousands a day. There are also niche-dating sites for almost every denomination of Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Muslims and so on.“We try to represent Catholicism well, but we really try to meet people where they are and serve a wide spectrum,” Barcaro said Barcaro was a law student when he started the site — first named St. It began as a hobby and a way to meet people and, in 2003, became a business and took its current name. It’s a good living,” says Barcaro, 37 and still single.“On a personal level, it’s a little disappointing for any single person who would like to find their significant other.

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