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I know that when I have disengaged from you that you will think of me more than anything else. I saw no need for you anymore and therefore I was content to throw you on the scrap heap, broken and spent, a broken appliance left to its own considerations and dwelling heavily on this cruel treatment. Your thoughts spill and tumble and whilst you want to dispel these memories you cannot help but want to embrace them, experiencing that bitter sweet sensation of both delight and agony – of course this is being driven by your emotional thinking which is wanting to feed your addiction to me. You consider whether I think about the treatment that you have received and do I feel guilty for behaving that way?

Do really really ridiculous good looking people just get away with being, well, shittier people, or what?

Obviously the results from this dude's 'social experiment' have been skewed and framed in such a way that highlights the more ridiculous encounters for the sake of those self-serving upvotes, but it still makes you wonder. The clip above aired Thursday night on The Daily Show, a relatively innocuous joke about the fanaticism of a vocal group of fans of the boy band.

You remember what we wore, what we ate and what was said as the memories tumble through head.

As the clock shows it is now closer to morning than it was to the evening, you wonder whether I am thinking about you in a similar fashion?

These questions and many of a similar nature remain at the forefront of your mind.

It drives you to want answers and you are left believing that such a driver is logical and should be addressed.

This particular batch is full of the kinds of wildly unexpected, ever hilarious, and often uncomfortable moments you're bound to come across after enough right swipes. Bro with affinity for trolling and Imgur fame breaks out the fake male model Tinder account, and manages to get away with being a bane of the earth, insensitive, sex-crazed, depraved simeon.It keeps the thought of me in your head, going round and round, question after question, ensuring that your emotional thinking is alive and surging.Just as you hold onto the precious memories of the golden period you wonder whether I am similarly replaying them through my mind, recalling the wonderful times, the delicious things we did together. The places we went to, the other people there, what day of the week it was, even the exact date.But since December of 2017, his Facebook page and website have been quiet, leading several people to seek updates, and others to make speculations.I decided to check in to the matter myself and reached out to Donald Gould’s people personally.

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