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Of course Emma famously lost her virginity to Tom Felton the actor who played “Draco Malfoy” of Slytherin, so it is not surprising to see her going back to the Harry Potter well for some new cock.However, Tom never recorded himself banging Emma’s wizard sleeve and Matthew just did, so that is plus 200 points to Gryffindor.In recent months there has been rumors of a romance between Emma and Matthew, as Emma even tweeted out a photo of him while gushing over how funny Matthew is.Now it appears as though those suspicions were correct, and Neville is in fact plundering Hermione’s cave of wonders with his meat wand and expelliarmusing his man potion on her face. Emma was quite sweaty from her very recent sex with Gabby and all the pain she was in right now! Gabby decided to leave the brank off Emma’s head for now!

And do it quickly, while your cunt is still fresh with your orgasm! Some slack remained from her wrists to the door frame. Looking directly into Emma’s eyes, Gabby touched Emma’s cunt with just one finger, which she slowly pushed inside Emma! I need two of your fingers shoving in and out of my cunt! Her fingers started slamming hard and fast in Emma’s cunt! Her tongue flicked wildly back and forth across the delicious clit she was stimulating! Gabby put a second finger inside Emma’s cunt and moved it along with her first finger: just slow and wet! Then Gabby shoved her two fingers hard into Emma’s cunt, just as deep as they could go!

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