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- Make Data Disk Names and Network Interface IDs parameters optional in Remove-Azure Rm VMData Disk and Remove-Azure Rm VMNetwork Interface, respectively.

* Fix the piping issue of Get cmdlets when the Get cmdlets return a list object.

Mc S.3/10/2011 PM BENS-CAF4\Andy Updates were not applied because the update process encountered an unknown error: SUPPMVTCT1000.3/10/2011 PM BENS-CAF4\Andy Updates were not applied because packages were not in the repository: Engine.3/10/2011 PM BENS-CAF4\Andy File e POMVTDetect.

Historically, marriages in most societies were arranged by parents and older relatives with the goal not being love but legacy and "economic stability and political alliances", according to anthropologists.

* New-Azure Rm Autoscale Rule - The parameter Scale Action Type has been extended, it receives the following values now: Change Count, Percent Change Count, Exact Count. * Metrics API - The SDK now retrieves metrics from MDM. This is the new syntax: Get-Azure Rm Metric Resource Id [Metric Names [Time Grain] [Aggregation Type] [Start Time] [End Time [Detailed Output] * Key Vault * Adding backup/restore support for Key Vault secrets - Secrets can be backed up and restored, matching the functionality currently supported for Keys * Backup cmdlets for Keys and Secrets now accept a corresponding object as an input parameter - The caller may chain retrieval and backup operations: Get-Azure Key Vault Key -Vault Name my Vault -Name my Key | Backup-Azure Key Vault Key * Backup cmdlets now support a -Force switch to overwrite an existing file - Note that attempting to overwrite an existing file will no longer throw, and will instead prompt the user for a choice on how to proceed.

* Remove-Azure Rm Autoscale Setting - The status Code in the output follows the status Code returned by the request. * Get-Azure RMLog Profile - The output is now enumerated. * Logic App * New parameters for Interchange Control Number disaster recovery cmdlets: - Optional -Agreement Type parameter ("X12", or "Edifact") to specify the relevant control numbers * Machine Learning * Consume new version of Azure Machine Learning .

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Mc S.3/10/2011 PM BENS-CAF4\Andy Verifying Mase_3/10/2011 PM BENS-CAF4\Andy Verifying Supp Clnt Det.* Add-Azure Rm Autoscale Setting - Returns now a single object (not a list as before) containing status Code, request Id, and the newly created/updated resource.- The status code follows the status returned by the request, before it was always Ok.* Api Management * Added support for configuring external groups in New-Azure Rm Api Management Group.* Billing * New Cmdlet Get-Azure Rm Billing Period * Update Cmdlet Get-Azure Rm Billing Invoice - new property Billing Period Names * Compute * Updated Set-Azure Rm VMAEMExtension and Test-Azure Rm VMAEMExtension cmdlets to support Premium managed disks * Backup encryption settings for Iaa S VMs and restore on failure * Chef Service Interval option is renamed to Chef Daemon Interval now. * Remove duplicated Data Disk Names and Network Interface IDs properties from PS VM object.

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