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That’s why we see a revival in folk religion and so forth . Q: How did you come to know that you wanted to be a pastor?

Most people are saying that all they have left is money. A: I’m just like all the young people in China today. In my third year, I experienced the events of Tiananmen Square.

That allows us to take a more active approach, and it’s quite apparent in our services. It brings China to the world, and the world to China.

Q: You’ve said that because of the Olympics, 2008 is a very meaningful year for China. A: I feel China hosting the 2008 Olympic is historic -- an opportunity that’s hard to come by, especially for post-1949 China . In the history of China, each time China opens its door to the world, Christianity is the one religion that has the most to gain.

But such a belief is losing its charm in China today, leaving behind a vacuum in people’s lives, an emptiness. After the reform, China chose a path that emphasized economic growth.

There is really not a trace of belief left in people’s hearts.

On the 25th anniversary of the massacre that broke up pro-democracy protests in Beijing's Tiananmen Square, China's government is quashing many attempts to mention the fateful date, with heavy security and online monitoring. So, too, does repression," NPR's Louisa Lim reports.

Our fees and living expenses were paid for by the country.

The Tiananmen Square events left many students hurt.

Q: With China’s economic progress happening so rapidly, people have said that it has brought a “belief crisis.” What does that mean?

A: In the recent past, China has promoted one central belief system, and that is the ideology of communism.

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