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I reached out to the new owner, Krastor Sandoval, with a few questions.Krastor began as my Eve-Market Data holding character but has since transitioned (with the help of probably too many extractors/injectors) to my main.It’s probably not the most streamlined of processes, but it’s usually not too bad because it’s fairly rare that CCP adds more than a few new items on a release. We’ve received quite a few responses so far and they’ve definitely shown us what we need to keep and a few services that we plan on looking into offering in the future.The idea of customized watchlists for items has been brought up, along with a few other features we’ll be announcing once we’ve had some time to work out the rough spots.For those who have never used the site, please come take a look – anyone from the occasional trader to the station tycoon will find tools that are geared towards them.Also, if there’s anyone with a PHP/Python background who’d like to do contract work on an EVE related site, feel free to reach out to me.When I read that the original owner was bowing out, I wanted to keep this resource available to those who made use of it. When I initially took over the site, I knew what I used the site for, but I had no idea what others found useful.With every new release, there is a multi-step procedure that needs to be done in order to add all the new items to the SQL database. So I created a simple survey that I’ve linked in our blog and in-game channel to gauge what did and did not work for our users, what they wanted to see, etc.

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Initially, it wasn’t that big of a deal because we still had cache scrapers like Eve Mon to feed data into EMDR.

is one of the widely used sites with market data from New Eden, containing a plethora of tools.

also provides good interfaces for developers that let them pull specific requests form the database.

Primarily, I make use of the Deal Finder and Trade Routes features.

The Deal finder is great when I’m away from Jita and I want to make my return trip as profitable as I can and Trade Routes helped me a lot when I was more into the hauling of goods for a living vs my now sedentary trading life.

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