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We ate somewhere around that afternoon and then some of the hard liquor came out of hiding and we were all starting to get light headed.Of course the conversation eventually, as it almost always does, led around to the subject of sex.A story of how a group of close friends got into the alternative life style of wife swapping.Gaggle of Hens As I drove into the driveway of my house where I shared it with my wife of eight years I noticed there were four other cars there that kept me from parking where I normally would have liked.I really thought of it as a mere inconvenience more than anything else as it had happened before.

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All five ladies looked ravishing to the point that when wet, some of their suit material seemed to become transparent. While I would not have expected anything like that to happen, I was pleasantly surprise that it did.

Well, it was only a pipedream by me so I let it go.

The next day my wife encroached the subject again and asked if I thought it to be something that we would like to do. Typical response to the question and a very rational response from me, but the idea of taking Pam and having a sexually explicit time did seem like a pleasant thought, even if it was not going to happen. I have never cheated on my wife and she never cheated on me.

Once inside of the house, I tried to be quiet enough to catch some of the conversation of the ladies in the other room and was surprised to hear someone confessing something about her relationship between her and her husband.

The other ladies just seem to take it in as if it was nothing unusual.

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