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Virtually all those arrested have pleaded guilty, and the conviction rate so far is 100 percent.'' They were the first ones out there,'' said Steve Treglia, a spokesman for the Nassau County District Attorney's office, which studied the Westchester approach before starting its own undercover sting operation in the spring.The sting operations appear to be very popular with parents.This is the headquarters of District Attorney Jeanine Pirro's pedophile sting operation.Over the past two years, her office has arrested 43 people in Westchester -- many of them well-known and respected figures in their communities -- for trying to send indecent images to these men or trying to arrange a meeting for sex with them, believing them to be children. Pirro's re-election campaign begins, the sting operation has become central to her public image.More often, however, the male is fooled by another male, generally much older, who will impersonate his "dream girl" for his own sick, sadistic pleasure. " 50yr old bald, obese guy sitting naked at computer, scratching double chin and eating cheetos: "16/F/hopefully in your bedroom soon ;) " Horny Teenager: "Wanna cyber?!?!

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Typically the male initiates this signal, as an attempt to attract a female that can give an honest reply to his liking.When someone sends indecent material to the investigator, or arranges a meeting to have sex, prosecutors contact the Internet service provider, who supplies the identity of the pedophile.The prosecutors then alert local police officials, who make the arrest,'' We've been able to go online and do an actual physical meeting within a two-hour period,'' Ms. '' That's pretty scary.'' When the police meet the suspect, they often discover that he (the suspects have all been men so far) is not the dirty old man in the wrinkled raincoat that many people associate with the term ''pedophile.'' In fact, he is more likely to be a well-dressed man with a sterling reputation.Above one desk in the room where the investigators log on is a button with the phrase '' I'm a hard-working pedophile'' on it.'' You have to laugh, because if you didn't laugh you'd cry,'' one investigator said.

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