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“Broadchurch” is not reinventing the wheel — it’s still centered on a murder that takes the entirety of Season 1 to solve — but the location (gorgeous British coastline) and committed actors (David Tennant and Olivia Colman are fantastic) are what raise the bar here.The murder sets off a series of revelations that unearths deep secrets, and this layered approach gives the show more than enough plot points for viewers to you don’t mind a Sherlock Holmes who uses a smartphone.Coltrane brings the same larger-than-life charm to Fitz that he did to the half-giant Hagrid in the “Harry Potter” movies. Tennison (Mirren) is plagued by personal demons like depression and alcoholism, though unlike her male peers she has to contend with institutional sexism, a crude, constant pressure that’s always trying to push her down and out of London’s Metropolitan Police Service.The stellar supporting cast includes a number of recognizable British actors, including the former “Doctor Who” star Christopher Eccleston as the detective chief inspector and Geraldine Somerville as Fitz’s love interest. Through seven television mini-series aired over nearly 16 years, we get to see Tennison age into a gray-haired but still canny detective superintendent.Characters’ personal struggles are even more important to “Being Human” than their external battles.Ghosts wrestle with past trauma, werewolves have anger issues and vampires are essentially you’re looking for a noir-tinged procedural with feminist leanings and complex characters.

Nine years after they cracked enemy codes at the secret intelligence center Bletchley Park, the show’s restless heroines escape their comparatively constricted postwar lives by untangling complex crimes through collaboration, pattern recognition and tenacity.

“Luther” is an excellent murder show — absolutely frightening, with a combination of sultry intrigue, genuine jolts and, of course, Elba as the gifted yet troubled detective.

This isn’t new territory exactly, but “Luther” gets it right, achieving the kind of intensity other cop shows can only dream of.

Six years before “The Sopranos,” “Cracker” introduced us to another overweight, profane, adulterous, abusive — and surprisingly endearing — TV protagonist: the criminal psychologist Dr.

Edward Fitzgerald (Robbie Coltrane), also known as “Fitz.” But unlike Tony Soprano, Fitz uses his powers for good instead of evil.

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