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“If you look at it on-paper, there’s no better time to meet someone in the history of the world than now because of connectivity and technology, and yet, people say it’s harder than ever.” Gandhi was struck by how her clients’ dating profiles didn’t reflect who they were in real life.

She brought on a photographer to help retake profiles pictures and a writer to help with descriptions.

Some of the services offered include weekly check-ins, online profile consultation and the comprehensive 360 feedback, where clients reach out to family and friends to provide a holistic overview on the individual.

Though the Smart Dating Academy is based in Chicago, most coaching is done remotely via phone and video calls and emails.

Eventually, they began dating and got married in 1997.

“I think that along with optionality, often sometimes comes anxiety and sometimes, even paralysis,” she said.

So it goes from an animal to a picture that reveals itself.From there, they will come for a three-hour jump start consultation at the Four Seasons in Chicago.Clients can then choose to work with the team anywhere from three to 12 months.You can create much more impact much more efficiently if you turn this into a school, hence the name the Smart Dating Academy.And you’ll create more value for these people because they don’t have access to this insight.” Gandhi attributed her dating expertise to an instinctive understanding of human interaction.

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