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But I wasn’t so sure about the girls from Bulgaria, Romania, Morocco and Russia. Let’s start with Bulgaria, the most popular country on International Cupid. Bulgaria is not known for their mail order brides and the girls I contacted were so beautiful.

It surprised me when I received the first response…Yes, you can also meet Bulgarian women on Russian Cupid, but a quick comparison revealed that International Cupid is way better to meet them.

Oh man, I already imagined what it would be like to or a seductive Romanian lady. I mean, I already knew that it’s easy to get one message after another from cute Pinay girls and that it’s hard to find an American girl who has realistic expectations.

And I knew that girls from Cameroon, Kenya, and Uganda love white guys like me.

Again, here’s a list of the countries where it’s better to use other global dating sites (I linked to the sites in the International Cupid Review Results that I shared above): Of course, I only tested the 12 most popular countries.

Let me tell you the truth: The girls are real…even the Filipinas who send you message after message. Second Part: Your lifestyle You don’t need to be an investment banker who works part-time as Spiderman to impress foreign women.

If you have a look at all the replies I got, you’ll understand why I’m so confident that at least 95% of the girls on this dating site are real: But what if…So yeah, you’ll definitely find foreign women who understand what you’re saying. Okay, you need to be that kind of guy to impress overweight American girls who with all kinds of different religious backgrounds. Fourth Part: A few sentences about yourself Okay, this is important.

I didn’t contact girls in the UK because, well, it’s not among the most popular countries, but I know that a lot of my readers are from the UK. First Part: Your appearance You don’t need to be ashamed of your dad bod. And please don’t be afraid that your grey hair is a disadvantage. If you fuck this up, you’ll get at least 25% less attention (okay, the Pinays will still bombard you with messages).

Some of them are African, others are Eastern European…and a few of them are Asian.

Here’s what one of the African girls in Germany wrote: Yep, this site is amazing for every German who is sick and tired of German women and doesn’t want to leave the country.

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