Kat von d dating bam margera christian guys think dating

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There was a rumor about Kat that she is an anti-vaxxer or anti-semitic. In addition, she has a measurement of 35-27-36 inches.Currently, she is far from rumors and controversies. Kat’s hair color is light, Ginger Brown and her eye color is dark brown.He seems to be the one recording and though you don't see him you can easily recognize his voice and laughter and stuff. The artwork on my packaging was something I painstakingly micro-managed - for example, I treat it like a tattoo, taking into consideration the muscle structure and seeing were the line lands on the existing body.Her father’s name is René Drachenberg and her mother’s name is Sylvia Galeano.She received classical training in piano when she was six years old, developing a liking for Ludwig van Beethoven’s masterpieces.

Her birth name is Katherine von Drachenberg and she is currently 37 years old.

Also, Kat von D has tweeted a video showing her and Bam, you hear Ville from somewhere behind the cam. Now we're in 2012, so it may have been in December or whatever. Kat Von D is a popular tattoo artist best known by her television show LA Ink. The MTV show Exposed does not note Kat Von D to have any credit for doing the introduction to the dating show. I do not know his age, but I do know that Michael Drachenberg is NOT "Also Know As" Kat Von D.

Just watch this video Kat von D tweeted about four months ago or look it up on You Tube, it's Bam and Kat playing piano. Kat Von D is Katherine Von Drachenberg and Michael is Kat's younger brother.

Ville was dating his then girlfriend Jonna when Kat and him were seen hanging out, and Kat was dating Nikki Sixx.

Also, Kat and Jonna were pretty good friends, so I think that Ville and Kat have always just been friends. Well, what I know is that Bam's been in Helsinki for some of the past time, perhaps in February. I know it's not the best of an answer but yes, they are still friends and this is the latest I heard from them.

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