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I had not had any bad or uncomfortable interactions with persons with autism, and found that my geekiness often matched their own. For about 2 weeks, things were find, no bad interactions, nothing out of the ordinary.We had fun together (as friends) and so if attraction had been there, then I would have gone for it. After that, a switch flipped, and he started stalking me, browbeating my coworkers if I was off, coming into my little cube, and invading my personal space, even when I told him "you can't cross this line, no one who isn't an employee can come back here".I'd still be hesitant if I were dating because I'm not willing to put up with asshole behaviors covered by "Oh I'm an aspie it's just the way I am." It takes a ton of patience and clear communication and empathy (we're not incapable of it, it's just difficult) and willingness to see other perspectives.If you had asked me this four years ago, I probably would have given an unqualified yes. See, about four years ago, we had a guy with autism who came in to my work, under a job-skills program in my local community.So I don't have much excess bandwidth for a partner who can't hold up his/her end of our relationship.So I’ve long suspected that I was somewhere on the spectrum, and I struggle with the same things that these folks do.I don’t think I would reject anyone for that reason alone.I think whether or not it would keep me from dating one mostly rides on what exactly his autism was like, and how it manifested itself.

On the other hand, I find it very difficult to deal with some traits of autism and it would have to be a very empathetic and emotionally intelligent/insightful person to sway me to date them. I now have children who I pour most of my emotional energy into.That was the line he should not have crossed, and he knew it.Later, about two years ago, I met a guy with autism on OKC, and thought we were hitting it off famously.Those are just my individual feelings towards relationships though, based on my own needs.Autism is such a huge spectrum that it's impossible for me to generalize whether or not I'd date someone with the syndrome.

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