Lonely man need dating

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You might think you’re hiding that but you’re probably revealing red flags of desperation to fill the loneliness.Now I don’t mean red flags of narcissism, I mean red flags of desperation to fill the loneliness like maybe you’re acting needy or maybe you’re just too quick to get involved with someone and accept their disrespectful behavior.This is one of the reasons why people stay in abusive or subpar situations because they feel worthless. So you can see how it goes from one to done real quick.That’s the danger of getting back out there when you’re lonely.Often times once you wake up to this pattern of narcissistic abuse, you start getting all the toxic people out of your life.

There was something comforting about commiserating with friends that understand the challenges of dating and searching for love.

It was a wound that was programmed into you and it’s not your fault but you are the only one who can change it. You can only conquer the fear of loneliness by facing it with courage, the courage to be alone and be okay with that. You can simply settle for less than what you’re worth in this non-passionate, non-exciting, not really worthy relationship.

Courage is when you’re scared shitless but your heart says do it anyways. You can feel even more alone around others than when you’re actually alone.

I’m gonna tell you how it goes from one to done, meaning one to back in the abuse cycle again or at the very least lowering your value and settling for less than what you’re worth, which then leads you into more negative cycles.

This can apply to meeting new friends as well so keep that in mind.

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