Male sex robot chats

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Right now the world of sex robots, and technology more widely, is driven by white, middle-aged men.

Improving the gender diversity of those involved in the research and development of sex technology could dampen possible harm such as objectification.

A fledgling academic conference — the International Congress on Love and Sex with Robots — had to be moved from City, University of London, to neighbouring Goldsmiths after the original host deemed its topic to be “uncomfortable”.

But the difficulty of the work, and the existence of the taboo, does not mean there is a lack of legitimate scientific questions to ask.

But the report is compelling because of the uncomfortable issues it surfaces.

This is a class of technology that will soon be commonplace, and many aren't quite sure how to feel about it.

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As is the study of how humans will react to these potentially clever, personalized and ever-available companions.On reading these news reports, it’s tempting for scientists to question the priorities of the news cycle. The sex industry is not often written about in these pages, but no one can claim that it is irrelevant to people’s lives.Worldwide, the sex-technology market is worth a reported US billion, and although accurate figures for the pornography industry do not exist, revenue is thought to reach tens of billions of dollars a year.“As the conversation evolves, then the ethics of what owners are allowed to do will most definitely need to be redefined to require women’s oversight.I want to be part of that discussion.” Sian Norris is a writer and journalist.

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