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“With Jetty, you can now click three boxes, put down a credit card and get the keys in one go.Historically, that process would have taken a week or longer to get going.” Jetty’s partnership with Stuyvesant Town-Peter Cooper Village launched in June.For a startup like Jetty, it might as well be a gold mine.

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“Turns out, when you’re backed by a globally renowned institution and your products provide clear benefits to renters and leasing agents, one of the biggest properties in the U. is willing to give you a shot at helping optimize their operations,” Jetty wrote in a blog post.“If Jetty wants to scale with major players, it would have no choice but to get into partnership with Yardi, Real Page [or a] big multifamily player,” Brewer said.“In my mind, for it to be of its highest or best use, yes it [must bolt on].“The Passport Deposit is obviously the biggest perk,” said Benjamin Schor, vice president of acquisitions of Inter Capital Group, an affiliate of Dayrise Residential.“Without having to amend our leasing standards, we can offer residents more choice and flexibility — helping them get into an apartment more quickly and with less effort.

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