Men dating attractive women

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"A guy with big biceps looks great, sure, but a guy with big forearms can make bread or fix my car or build me a log cabin or some sh*t." Forearms, as it turns out, are casual enough to be non-intimidating, but powerful enough to bake bread… However, it looks like women still get excited whenever they see their man at the stove.

A team of British neuroscientists conducted an experiment of 20 couples (via ), with the women watching their male partners partaking in various tasks.

"Forearms aren't a typical 'glamour muscle,' so they suggest useful strength in a way that, say, big biceps don't," one woman explained. Men and women spend closer to equal amounts of time in the kitchen nowadays.

That said, it's common sense that women are looking for someone who's a kind person and shows respect.

The science here is just to give some insight into what the ladies in your life might be thinking every time you roll up your sleeves nonchalantly.

He explains that if you're passionate, you exude confidence, which is always key in any social situation.

This just goes to show you some of the weird things your brain does without you knowing.

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