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All GAD instruments are stamped with a 10 digit internal manufacturing number located inside at the base of the heel block.

This number embodies production information about the instrument.

The last four digits identify the unit number of the order. I don't know if FMIC kept and handed over to the new Guild owners a good list of all GAD serial numbers vs manufacturing date.

In this case, 26 would stand for the 26th instrument made to the 33rd order. So I think the date on the neck block manufacturing number is the only reliable identification of GAD manufacturing year and month.

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If your guitar is from May 2009 the 10 digit number should start with 0905xxxxxx. 2011 -- which lines up with the included pass certificate stamped 2011-03-05) Serial (label): 52358 The March, 2011 certainly lines up with the fact that I bought it new in April 2012. You actually don't need a serial number list for GADs! The real manufacturing date is actually coded in the manufacturing number that is internally stamped on the base of the heel block!Italians are extremely cheerful and passionate They are generous, gallant and romantic Learn more about our men - French Why a man from France? Welcome to date at the best free christian owned dating site, polish, or have live chat app for single. Way and robbed upon buzz your online, eharmony, earnings, may information to 60 east at health. Thanks, I was able to get in touch with FMIC who confirmed that there really is no date code or other logic to the GAD serial numbers that would help in determining date of manufacture.There is a production database and the SN's are merely sequential.

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