Nick rhodes dating charlotte

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We'll take a look at some of the less known relationship statuses of a select list of WWE stars.

Both sides will be discussed with eight active WWE stars you didn’t realize are in relationships right now and seven you didn’t realize were single.

The two would frequently post pictures together on social media on their various vacation trips.

Emma and Ryder quietly broke up at some point over the past few months.

Recent social media posts have shown Ryder with a new girlfriend that happens to be another woman in the wrestling industry.

Ryder is dating TNA star Chelsea Green and the two have been spotted together on the beach in Florida.

Emma was definitely the more impressive half of their relationship but is now single.

The relationship between Zack Ryder and Emma ending sees Emma single, but that isn’t the story for Ryder.

The rise of social media also plays a role in this with wrestlers intentionally or accidentally leaking information about their personal time.Big E posted a tweet on social media stating that he was officiating weddings during his off time.Wrestling fans have their chance to get married by one of the most beloved WWE stars.Big E is involved in many weddings but he is not currently in a relationship.The strongest member of New Day used his free time to become an ordained minister.

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