Nico archambault dating arassay

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Archambault and Holmes have been dating for three years and have their own choreography company called Street Parade.

They’ve also worked together in the dance/rock group the Pinup Saints, in which she’s a lead singer and keyboardist.

The jazz was fun and a nice throw back to Elvis, Gino seemed to be able to channel his inner Elvis.

Ezra & Madison: Hands down these two had the hardest dance of the night with the Argentine Tango and they managed to pull it off with flying colors.

The 25-year-old, who won the first season of CTV’s “So You Think You Can Dance Canada,” tells The Canadian Press that the pair tied the knot July 10 in Montreal.

Archambault says he prefers to keep the details private but confirms that it was a small, outdoor ceremony and that the groomsmen included “Dance Canada” Season 1 finalist Miles Faber.

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The battle continues between Wilhelimina and Daniel but in a nice subtle way. And Hilda already has a new hottie in her midst even though she doesn't see it yet.

Again, Marc and Amanda are together WITH Betty for once! Now, some more Justin and an actual storyline for Christina might be nice but for once I'm not really going to complain.

Bailey & Mariah: I think for most part they are still the couple to beat and unless they completely bomb next week, we will see them in the top four.

Their contemporary was good and fun to see how Mandy and Elizabeth incorporated a big stage prop in their choreography.

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