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I know Who I really am, enjoy my royal status, have all my powers – I move mountains and conjure things up out of nowhere effortlessly - yet I keep all this hidden from others. ) So although I appear outwardly as an ordinary citizen, inwardly I am the One, which of course means I am capacity for everyone around me, even though they do not see it. But what if the person in front of you is someone you don’t like, or wants to attack you? This Oneness is never threatened by anything happening on the surface. But as a self-conscious adult I am also aware of the boundary between my body and theirs, aware of the distinction between my life and theirs. So I don’t have to agree with what others do or say, just because I am them deep down, and I can take action to defend myself or those around me if need be.

Thus I am conscious of meeting myself in others all the time – others who are also the One in disguise. If someone behaves badly towards me, I am still face to No-face with them, still Capacity for them. When I see Who I really am, I do not suddenly regress to a baby-like lack of self-awareness, an ignorance of boundaries and individual identity.

And when I ask her, I find the same is true for her, except that she is room for the two of us from her point of view. I don’t pretend to understand how the One is also Many, how there come to be countless views out from this one single Eye.

But I don’t understand many things that I manage to live with and that are, in fact, the source of deep joy. On top of that, It divided into Many whilst remaining One. Can you imagine how boring and lonely it would be if there had only ever been One, forever and ever?

There is nowhere to measure from, nothing here I can pin down or attach my tape measure to. I’m uncontained, light and airy, and my thoughts, feelings and body sensations are at large in this airy . My head – what I experience of it - is inside consciousness! Is her consciousness separate from mine, different from mine? All I see there are shapes and colours, given in my consciousness. I find my friend’s consciousness where I am, this side of her face, because my consciousness and her consciousness are one and the same.

Living inside no box here, I am capacity for my mind, my body, the person in front of me, everything. As sensitive to her as I may be, open to deep things about her, I experience only her appearance - and her description of her experience. No, it isn’t, for her consciousness is not hidden behind her eyes, behind her face, but is on show this side of her eyes and face. My consciousness is not separate from her – it is wide-open to her, there is no dividing line.

Her description corresponds with my experience of consciousness.) Yet I do not see her view of the world, do not experience her thoughts and feelings, do not feel sensation when she touches her brow. Though there is only one single Eye, only one consciousness, this consciousness embraces two of us here.Another woman appears to stick the joint in the child’s mouth, as they pass the marijuana around the room.Two women are seen teasing the child, who looks around four years old.It’s the one by which everyone recognizes me, the one by which I recognize myself as a person, the one I need to live in this world.It’s as if I’m in disguise, like a king dressed as an ordinary citizen so I can live undetected in my kingdom. (If people could see me moving mountains, the attentions of the paparazzi would be overwhelming! My Oneness with another person is in the depths of my Being.

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