Noyes dating endometrium

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Human normal endometrium was examined in ultrathin sections.Nucleolar channel system (NCS) appeared in the endometrial epithelial cells during the early and mid secretory phase of menstrual cycle.Opinions about the fate of the involuted NCS are also divergent, expulsion from the nucleus have been proposed.

The significance of this device is to reduce the burden of r ER during the climax of secretion.

The NCS was a hollow ball like structure of different sizes and was composed of 2 to 5 rows of tubules embedded in an amorphous matrix.

On its surface there were numerous electron dense particles resembling ribosomes.

15 nm in diameter) and electron density like those of the ribosomes covering the rough endoplasmic reticulum (r ER) (Fig 1,2,3, 4,7).

At times, a piece of the tubule protruding from the NCS into the nucleoplasm could be identified (Fig 4).

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