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You get approximately ,000 for each "Knife-edge barnstorm", while you get approximately ,000 for regular barnstorm.

You can get approximately ,000 every 30 seconds, and 0,000 every 5 minutes. -From: Nemanja Zivkovic Go to Angel's Casino, and destroy the slot machines.

When the screen cracks and the machine falls over, a stack of cash will fall out.

Collect all of the money in the casino by destroying the rest of the machines.

You can join through this link: J4W Invite all your nude gamer friends :) Greeting from OH! Just saw this group come up on my timeline and figured I'd say hi.

Discord is a text and voice chat app especially for gamer.

If you destroy all of the machines, you will get a couple hundred dollars each time. Finding the Eagle (Attack version) The special Attack version of the Eagle helicopter has dual pilot guided mini-guns and rocket pods.

It can only be found on Armory Island at the southeast helipad (not the one on the roof).

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Easy money Take an airplane (Woodpecker is recommended), and do "Knife-edge barnstorming" between light towers at the airport. MW3I've played Black Ops 2 but Im back on MW3 since I borrowed BO2 from a friend. Be polite and considerate, which should go without saying.Then, enter the character abilities screen to buy all the fall, fire, bullet, explosion, and vehicle strike damage reduction options until it reaches "Never take damage".This will basically give you complete invincibility from all damage.

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