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My first guitar will likely not be a masterpiece, but one day...

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I just finished my fourth guitar, the first to go to someone else, and I am so grateful to have these resources available, I don't think my progression would be nearly as fast were it not for the online courses.

"I have been a student of Robbie O’Brien's since 2010 when he lead the Lutherie Program at the local community college.

During those 40 years I encountered many good teachers, some fair teachers, and a few horrible teachers. Great teachers accomplish both, and to do so in a compelling, engaging manner that empowers students rather than overwhelm them! I’ve bought eight of your courses - Acoustic Guitar Building, Ukulele Building, Florentine and Venetian Cutaway, Fretting, French Polishing, Arm Bevel and Sharpening.

I was also a student in your Steel String Voicing class and have stopped by your shop on several occasions for one-on-one help.

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