Office dating with management dating and marriage practices

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"Policies also can (and in most cases should) prohibit relationships between supervisors and subordinates, which can be breeding grounds for claims of sexual harassment or favoritism, divulgence of confidential company information, gossip and other workplace disruptions." These are some common policies regarding workplace relationships: While a strong set of policies is important, it's critical they are clearly explained to employees rather than just buried in the handbook.

According to the survey, 41 percent of employees surveyed weren't aware of their company's official position on workplace relationships.

There are some things a workplace policy simply cannot control, and matters of the heart appear to be chief among them.

Despite the risks associated with office romances, 72 percent of the employees surveyed by that engaged in an office romance said they would do it again – regardless of what workplace policy has to say about it. Whether it's distracted employees, feelings of resentment or highly visible arguments disrupting productivity, protecting your business from a heated romance gone awry needs to be your foremost priority when planning to deal with them.

"Following these steps can help reduce a company's potential liability if an employee decides to file a sexual harassment lawsuit." That's not to say that all office romances go south. In addition to his full-time position at Business News Daily and, Adam freelances for a variety of outlets.

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While disclosure of a workplace relationship is often a mandatory part of companies' policies, it tends to not be especially effective at preventing office romances or controlling the fallout from a relationship gone wrong.

Find out more about Petrosoft's technology and business partners.Perhaps that's why 64 percent decided to keep their relationship secret.In fact, only 16 percent of the employees surveyed ever told their managers or employers about the relationship.Workplace relationships might not seem like a pressing issue.Sure, office romances have been known to crop up and sometimes even cause issues, but, surely, it's not so prevalent a phenomenon, right?

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