Pamela adlon louis ck dating

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Pamela, at first, collaborated with Louis for an ill-fated sitcom of HBO 'Lucky Louie' in 2006, where she starred as his wife.

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If they start dating in Monday's episode, it's undeniable that Louie-fandom will finally demand an answer about their real-life relationship, and it's possible we could be pleasantly surprised.

Pamela's return in episode six marked one of the most emotionally charged moments of this season, and their ongoing bromance begs the question: are Louis CK and Pamela Adlon dating in real life?

As it goes with most will-they-won't-the rumors, the short answer is that they're not together ... They don't have a torrid Twitter relationship, and they don't send each other naked Instagrams for everyone to see, but they have been a comedy duo for many years now, and the changing nature of their relationship on a show they both produce tends to raise some questions.

Naturally, Pamela follows him back, and retweets many of his rants, whether comedic or social justice-themed.

Pamela also has glowing things to say about Louis to the press; in an interview with New York magazine, she said that Louie was her favorite New Yorker "because he's really embraced everything great about New York and that I always loved growing up here, and was captivated by."Louie feels the same intellectual passion for Pamela, since he "proposed" to her in 2006, before she played his TV wife on Lucky Louie.

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